Friday, June 15, 2012

Remember the Milk -- Nah, how about Gmail?

So I've been overloaded brain wise with things to remember and sort and todos…

I can remember to look at a todo list when I get somewhere, but I can't remember to carry about a slip of paper with to dos on it.

I looked into Remember the milk -- I used to use it at a previous job -- but I'm cheap and it really is just something else to add into my never ending list of programs I have to work with.

I decided to get funny with Gmail instead!

Gmail allows anyone to send email to themselves with a +something behind their username. For example, if your gmail address is, you could email, and the email will show up in your inbox, but will be listed to

I use this feature to get emails into specific labels inside gmail, and then I added contacts to make emailing things into these lists from my phone a breeze.

Here's how it works…

First, I logged into gmail and went into the Labels area.

I set up labels for each todo list. Things to get done @Home, @Work, While @Shopping and the ability to send things to my @Mileage report.

Next, I setup email filters to mark mail as read and stick it into those labels.

Now, when I email myself +shopping, it gets put in my shopping label…

Next, I went into contacts, and added a contact for each one, so that when I send email from my phone I can say "Send email to x <list>" or can type x<space> and end up with a selection to choose from.

Go into contacts…

Works pretty well for me, and seems to work for the Mrs too…. Since she knows the email addresses, she can add things onto my todo list from her phone. OH BOY!

Using quicksilver? Install the Email and address book plugins.. and then type

". Remember the milk!" *tab* Ema *tab* x shopping

and hit enter...

Up pops an Apple Mail interface with the email already typed out for you... Command-Shift-D sends the email on it's way :-)

Never easier to send email into my GTD Gmail listing!

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