Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Different Locations

Work in different locations like me?

I got tired of opening system preferences... THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY!

Found it!

First, I setup a location for each network configuration I might use... SHS SMS JES VES LES CO... etc.

I created /usr/bin/ so that when I start up, I will start up in automatic location mode...

I also have it shut off the Apple Service Diagnostics daemons, and netboot, dhcp and DNS (I use those for troubleshooting using a crossover cable).

Then, I setup aliases in .profile for each location...

The command is

in .profile...

This of course means I can open terminal when I get to a new location, and type 

CO, SMS, SHS, JES, LES, VES, SES to which terminal replies...

I love making life simpler!

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