Thursday, June 7, 2012

Create iTunes Accounts en Masse

I work for a school district who is moving towards 1:1 with Apple iPads, and we have a problem with trying to massively create iTunes accounts.

I've created a program which enters data from a .csv into the iTunes account creation form.

How it works:

This program determines which page of the iTunes creation website you're on, and clicks continue to get to the form where you enter data.

It reads the data from a csv, and progresses through the file line by line. Once it's entered data, it scrolls down and focus' on the captcha which is required to be entered before creating an itunes account.

You type in the captcha and hit enter, and it creates an iTunes account.

When it detects you've made it to the "an email has been sent to verify your itunes account", it returns back to the first page, and continues on the form.

Creating itunes accounts for 1:1 takes very little time when you do it this way.


This program can be used to enter usernames and passwords for verifying accounts en masse. You click the link in your email to verify an account, and the program will detect the page and account you are on and fill in the password.

Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy :-)

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